Message from the president of TAK System Initiative



 Hi, this is Yoshihiro Takiguchi of TAK System Initiative Corporation. You may call me TAKI!

Thank you for visiting our web site and access to this message.

TAK System Initiative is a company starting from the graduate school for the creation of Photonics Industries ( in shoart GPI). The GPI is aiming at a new photonics industrialization and educate skill persons to be leaders in the new industrial fields. The GPI speciallizes to "Photonics" because the founder of the GPI is the formar president of HAMAMATSU PHOTNICS K.K., Teruo Hiruma who wanted such engineeingly skilled persons to lead such new businesses in teh photonics field.

One of my former boss, Yutaka Tsuchiya who died several years ago, wanted to educate such engineers at the GPI and asked me for a help. after his death, I became a professor at the GPI to succeed his dream too. To realize such business eduation enviroment, I thought I should start my own company to incvestigate real business situation not just a reserarech in the field of Photonics. I was a resarcher art the Hamamatsu Photonics at that time.

I am learning meny askect of business and faced many difficukties for the business, I would like to tell my experiece to the following engineers or younger sceintists who weant to open up a new photonics industrial field.

What TAK System Initiative does!?

As you see already, TAK System Initiative helps custmer making a proto-types of a photonic system with a new concept of operation.

Tyipically, a scientist or an engineer wants to have his or her own photonic system to investigate whoat he or she wnats to know in their experimets. The system is nnormally unique and thus may not be applicable to other researchers or engineers. To realize such system, it is not easy to ask big company to specially be developed for only for them. Such big company may charge a big money or say " how many sets of system will be sold world wide if we make?" Therefore it is not simple to have his or her own photonis system.

I saw many cases like above and thus would like to help such poor researchers/engineers to make their dream come troue!

Then the concept of proto-typing will be the key issue of such apploach. It may not be real industrial apploach but we may find something more applicable to the world through such proto-typing bunsiness.

Let me try as much as I can help!

My vitae
1958: Born in Japan
1980:Graduated from Nagoya University
   in Bachelar in Nuclear Engineering
1982: Graduated from Nagoya University in Mster
     in Nuclear Engineering, Health Physics
1982: Joined Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
     R&D to streak cameras and ultrafast lasers
1988 Joined the city colledge of New York send by Hamamatsu as a researcher and enterd its Ph.D course, privately.
1994: Joined JST ERATO Project"Yamamaoto Quantim Fluctuation!"
2007: Jonied GPI as a professor
2007; Startup TAK System Initiative Corp.