Photonic System Proto-typing


Followings are the examples of the prototype that we have developed for several customers. Unfortunatelly, we can not disclose their detals because of interectual properties that may belong to our customers.

Therefore, you may refere the pictures to figure out what TAK SYSTEM INITIATIVE can do for your application or research.

is a specailist company for Photonic System Design especially for photon counting, spectral resolved, time resolved imaging or detections.

As we have described, although there are so many photonic systems, it is true that there are so many new systems that enable their researchs or biusinesses to be realized.

TAK SYSTEM INITIATIVE is the company that can help such requests.


Example of Prototypes

( shown only if the customer agreed to show on this Web site or own products)

Bio detector

Luminescence detector from bacterias

Radiation detectors

Radiation Tracker (Real Time Gamma-ray monitor using GSO and a PMT from Hamamatsu)

Real time gamma-ray detector for Vegetables

Radiation Tracker and Gamma-ray Energy analyser from Papalab.

Special Circuits

Analogue current integrator

Femto-ampair current integrator with USB output

Special LED lamps

370nm LED lamp with a photodiode detector set

Special High Power LED lamp for an atomic force microscope

2 coler LED lamps for Olymuls IX71 microscope

Special laser system

Compact two cloer laser with Red and Green output of 1mW

2 laser Processing system with 60W output

MEMS laser scanning microscope system with large XY scanning area

Special Monochromator

VUV monochromator at around 90nm with ICF70 frange

16 channel output photon counting spectrograph

Monochrometor adopting a Photonic Crsytal as dispersion device

Other Photonic device

200mm Dia, Sperical Ceramic mirror for space application

Home made intefgration Sphere with 10cm Dia. with C-mount adoptor

Macro and Microscopy systems

Custome made Macro scope with LED illumination

6 axis manually controlled microscope

UV Photonics devices

UV spsctroscopy system for material evaluation

hardware and Software(Lab.View) designed system

Double Monochromator UV system

UV Power calibration

365nm power measurement with 1 nm spectral resolution

365nm UV light calibrator