Radiation Detection        

 As all know that Fukushima got a big problem of radiation contamination due to the accident at Fukushima Nuclear power plant on March 2011.
 During the first few days of the accident, large amount of radio active materials were exausted and contaminated wide area at Fukushima.

The contamination levels are from a few micro Sv/h to a few mili Sv/h.

Since the president of our company, Dr. Takiguchi, has an engineering background of nuclear engineering, we immediately developed a real time gammna-ray monitoring system and brought it to Fukushima on May 2011 to measure the Cecium contaminations around the area.

This is the proto-type of the gamma-ray detector with a PC.

The detector sends real time gamma-ray levels comverted by a GSO scintilator with a photomultiplier tube.

Now we developed a product model of the gamma-ray detector which can be set in a car to monitor radiation levels during the car riding at a high way.


 Measure Gamma-ray level

Radiation Tracker evaluates the gamma-ray levels and send all detected data to a PC to analyze the radiation profiles. Following graph shows an example of the profile measured at Fukushima May in 2011.
Vertical axis corresponds to a gamma-ray level and the holizopntal axis corresponds to the time measured. There shows several features of the radiation levels.


Measure Foods!

We have developed a new "Shield Plate" to investigate Cecium contamination of foods like vegitales shown.
The "Shield Plate" contain a Radiation Tracker and Pb shield wihin a stainless steel box.

Vegitable needed to be measured without distroying itself. Typically they will be smashed to evaluate it as anuniform concentration model.

we need to measure them as they are!

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