How our proto-typing goes!?     

Followings are a typical process for proto-typing in our company. The process can be changed depends on your idea.    

 The delivery time will also depond on the concept you brough to us. Simple one may take a few weeks to make your idea comes true. And some may take a year to realize.

Photon imager without using a computer
. Direct photon image output to your TV monitor!

①You ask if we can make your idea liarized
 You may ask a quite and fundamental concept of the proto-type you need to make. Let's say, I need a special photon counting imagins sytem without a computer to show the photon images. Can TAK System propose a system?
②Our proposal
 We will think about the patent situation and product cont to propose you a reasonable system for the photon imager system. We would like to give you a new conceptual design so that you may concider to apply a patent about it
③You can discuss at your side
 We would like to hear a frank response from you, like it is too expensive, we need smaller one, we want to 100 sets in one month or so!
④You can propose us your counter idea
 We will wait your concrete idea for the imager system, like desplyaing the image on a LC monitori, integrated ohoton image for a few second, manual gain controll and so on.
⑤We will give our reply for the spec and cost

 We try to find out suitable components to your request and calculate parts cost, working laber cost, idea cost, and so on.
⑥Go forward or not
You can consider if our proposal is reasonable enough for you to go forward.
⑦If OK, we will do final design accoring to the specs. of the parts.

 We colelct all necessary infoemation about the parts using in the proto-type sytem and figure out the final structure of the system. During this process, we may find better components to be applied to the system to make it better. We will ask if you are OK to use the better one.
⑧First setup

We configure the parts and try to evaluate its fundamental properties. Then we ask if those are acceptable to you our not.
⑨Deliver the proto-type to you to investigate at your side
We will ship the proto-type to you to test what ever you need to evakuate at your side. That may take while.
⑩Your report to us
We would like to hear how you think about the system and if you have something to be modified of the system configuration or its function.
⑪Additional modification
We will re-evaluate the cost to modify the system and if we do not need extra expence from you, we will fix the system as you need. If the system modificatio requires additional pars, we will ask for the additional cost.
⑫Finalize the system
After the modification, we sill send the modified one to you to test. If yoiu think it is OK to manufacture more, we can try to arrnage mass production through our commaboratin companies!